Ivana Bajić Hajduković

Ivana Bajić Hajduković

I had a pleasure of working with life coach Sandra Janković in July and August 2020.

This was my first encounter with coaching, and Sandra explained the process clearly from the beginning to the end.

Throughout six sessions, Sandra guided me expertly through a range of tasks and exercises aimed at helping me clarify my goals and mapping out a roadmap for their achievement.

From one session to another, I was surprised to see how much I learned under Sandra’s guidance. After my initial deliberation related to deciding on my goal, Sandra helped me fine-tune the aim, remove obstacles and set realistic targets towards turning this plan into reality.

Some of the exercises that Sandra skillfully guided me through exceeded my expectations from coaching. At the end of each session, I had an impression of increased clarity and progress towards achieving the goal. The final two sessions were incredibly helpful with visualization exercises that have brought me in complete alignment with my purpose. Throughout the entire process, Sandra was always very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and encouraging.

Coaching experience with Sandra felt like being guided by a good friend who was very keen to get you unstuck and off to a road to living your best life ever! I can’t recommend Sandra highly enough and would certainly use her coaching services again in future! Thank you, Sandra, for all the fantastic insights and your steady guidance with finding the courage and tools to fulfil my dreams!

Dr Ivana Bajić Hajduković, anthropologist and author